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I am an ardent senior game developer, project manager with nearly a decade of experience in Unity Development. I have been passionate about mobile games and new technologies in general. My expertise is ranging from gameplay programming in C#, networking to UI and front & back-end development.
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Multiplayer Arena

Multiplayer Arena is a fun real-time racing game based on a revenge story.
In Multiplayer Arena, you can race in various racing tracks and race with four players simultaneously. While racing, you need to collect and use Power-Up Boxes and be the first on the finish line.

Use your power-up boxes smartly and run after victory. These boxes can provide you shield, or can explode your rivals on the road! Your rivals can also explode you, so you should also try to avoid the obstacles used by them.
Prove yourself, then choose the car you most like among dozens of vehicles. And modify your cars according to your taste. It is really fun.
Can you survive in this competitive death race? Be ready for crashes, collisions, and real rage!
Sometimes you have to run a risk to win. Can you beat up these racers and have some fun? Never be sure as it is not certain who wins until the finish line!

  • ClientAtom Games
  • DateDecember 2, 2016
  • CategoryMobile Games