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I am an ardent senior game developer, project manager with nearly a decade of experience in Unity Development. I have been passionate about mobile games and new technologies in general. My expertise is ranging from gameplay programming in C#, networking to UI and front & back-end development.
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Mir on TV

The game is a 3D endless runner with brand new levels added regularly.

A ten years old boy named Mir has his mission to protect a theme park from evil characters called ‘trbls’. At the theme park, Mir has 3 adventurous levels: ‘Wingsuit’, ‘Steamcoaster’ and  ‘Coastline’. Take a tour in this theme park, avoid oncoming obstacles, defeat ‘trbls’, and complete missions in this innovative endless runner game.

Each level has its own theme such as running on a coastline, flying on a valley, driving a wagon inside a mine. The player can run on one of three lanes where he can jump over or pass under obstacles and try not to be captured by ‘trbls’. There is also a boss sequence where the player tries to tap and destroy enemies.


The game also has an important feature: Player can connect to Mir on TV game servers to participate in a live TV show. Player’s game play actions are synced to the game server and his/her live actions are viewed and broadcasted on the TV in the real time.

  • ClientITMG
  • DateMarch 2, 2018
  • CategoryMobile Games