Hey, I'm Ozge

I am an ardent senior game developer, project manager with nearly a decade of experience in Unity Development. I have been passionate about mobile games and new technologies in general. My expertise is ranging from gameplay programming in C#, networking to UI and front & back-end development.
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Intern Rush

Intern Rush by Ark Game Studios They are ruthless… They are fearless… They are stubborn… They are the Interns!!! You need the boss calm and happy. You need to stop the interns from reaching the boss in order to keep your job. Defend your office against the interns!!! – Amazing gameplay with 3D Graphics – Completely new mechanics: Vandals *Each intern has a chance to turn into a vandal and cause mayhem in your office until you stop them.


  • ClientArk Game Studios
  • DateJune 2, 2013
  • CategoryMobile Games